Hi there, I’m Miki, from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. I‘ve lived in Ho Chi Minh City since 7 years ago. I began my travels through Vietnam when I was a freshman in College. Since then, I’ve left my little footprints all over the many provinces in Vietnam.  Traveling here and there in my free time  has become an integral part of my life. What can I say, I’m in love with the scenery, people, and the culture here. I like waking up in a remote place, amid the vast nature, on uncharted territory and to be free as life should be.

Reading more and more stories of many tourists who does not want a second visit to Vietnam because of their unpleasant experience that they had to go through, I'm very heartbroken to hear that. Through the use of this website, I hope to introduce you to the original beauty and many other new and unique aspects of Vietnam, my international friends. I truly believe that there are countless places in Vietnam which still has those hospitable people, beautiful unmatched sceneries that is very worthy of your time to come and experience.

This website would not have been possible without the help of my companions. I’m always grateful to have had you here by my side all this time, providing a great deal of useful information to everyone through your research and experience.

Travel Vietnam

For me, English is not my mother tongue, so throughout this website there will be many errors, so please excuse me and help me make  a better and more complete website through your inputs. Thank you very much.

If you plan to come to Vietnam or maybe just want to find out more about Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact me. If time permits, I would be more than happy to be your local guide during your stay in Ho Chi Minh City, but if not, at least I can provide you with some helpful tips in your itinerary.

Once more, I truly wish that this website will provide you with all the necessary information that you are looking for and more. And I hope everyone who comes to my home country will have the most amazing experience of their lifetime.



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